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FOX News
Jan 1, 2010 3:00pm EST
with a company that does air drops. we went to our own bank in copenhagen. we told them and told them we need a lot of dollar bills. >> they also insist on proof of life and demanded the crew be displayed on deck. >> they took pictures. i wasn't a pirate, but i looked like a pirate so they took pictures when they made the drop. >> this is how it happened. >> we will just cover and wait for the crew to be with you on the deck and take a final photograph. >> crammed in the capsule was the only currency the pirates will accept, brand new u.s. bills, more than $1 million worth of them. >> 100-dollar bills? >> one hundred dollar bills. >> and we had also, in order to try to facilitate the distribution of the funds," we provided a note counter. one of the electric deals the banks have. and they were being paid according to a formula. >> a formula that rifles anything on wall street. >> the suppliers get paid. >> for some reason they couldn't agree so it took them 13 hours to split the loot. and at some point they all crammed into the captain's cabin and they had a major argument about distributing
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1